It's easy to join our team:

Newcomers are instructed in all work and can then quickly assume their own responsibility. In order to obtain the right to fly, 200 working hours must be achieved in the first year and 300 each year later. That sounds a lot at first, but the tasks and possibilities for working hours are varied and definitely feasible with a little motivation. Before you become an official member, you are first a "candidate" and have half a year to think carefully about whether the Akaflieg is the right thing for you.

Every April a two-week training camp takes place on our glider airfield in Königsdorf. Who has never flown before learns it there with our flight instructors. Double- and single-seaters are available for the training. After the training camp, every weekend during the flying season we fly, if the weather permits. Those who often take part and fly a lot will quickly be able to celebrate their first successes, such as the first solo flight or the first flight in a single-seater.

Membership in the Akaflieg is free of charge, there is no membership fee or admission fees. We pay practically with our working hours. The planes are provided free of charge and the flight instructors are volunteers. The only costs that are incurred are: The fee per take-off and the fees for formalities such as flight doctor or authorities with the registration to the certificate. As a rule, the entire training does not cost more than 800-1000 euros. We want to get our members into the air, so we make flying as inexpensive as possible.

The Akaflieg is, as you can already guess, not an ordinary gliding club, where you pay a lot for the pilot training and where you can fly in good weather on weekends some times. We are an association in which only students are active members. And that means: we don't just want to fly, we want to do more than that! We want to design and build our own airplanes, otherwise we would not do justice to the "academic" in our name. We rely on the commitment of our members, who spend a large part of their free time in Akaflieg. There is always enough to do: The working hours can be completed by building new aircraft, maintaining and repairing aircraft or by organizing public activities. Previous knowledge is not necessary, we are happy to pass on our practical knowledge.

In addition to the work, the Akaflieg is of course a fun and exuberant place to celebrate. Our Christmas celebrations are legendary and at the annual aviation camp in the northern Italian Alps we also fly to culinary and cultural heights. In summer, the barbecue behind the workshop is heated up spontaneously. In addition, as a rule every Akaflieger is at your side with help and advice.

We think it's worth being a member of the Akaflieg and to combine the hobby of gliding with the practical workshop work besides your studies.

You interested? Then just stop by!

We meet regularly on Thursday evening for the group meeting at 19:30 at changing locations. It is best to write a short e-mail to to find out our location. Otherwise you are welcome to drop by and see if there is something going on in our workshop and get to know us there! You will find us here.

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