Garching Forschungszentrum

We are represented at several locations with workshop rooms and offices. The core of our activities is at the Garching research campus. There we are accommodated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in rooms of the Chair of Lightweight Construction.

In the experimental hall wing of the building, we have sufficient space to operate a metal workshop and a fibre composite workshop, which are spatially separated from each other. This separation is very important, as fibre composite components are very sensitive to all kinds of oils and greases during production.

The Composite Workshop

We have a broad range of equipment such as a vacuum system or a roving drawing machine and all common processing machines for fibre composite construction. An overhead crane is also installed to handle heavy parts (some of our moulds weigh well over 500 kg). There is also an exhaust system, which is indispensable for all work with chemical substances and painting work. Furthermore, there is a fabric cabinet in which raw fibres and fabrics can be stored safely for later use, as well as all kinds of equipment for grinding and woodworking.

The metal workshop is also fully equipped. In addition to lathes, milling machines and drilling machines, you will also find various welding equipment (WIG, MIG/MAG, gas), folding benches, grinding machines and much more. A large part of our metal materials, including many common aviation steels and special alloys are stored here as well, which are used for repairs or new constructions. Recently, we also got our own CNC milling machine, which means that we are now less dependent on the support of the neighboring university chair.

The design office (Konstruktionsbüro, Kobü) is where we design our airplanes and do other administrative tasks. It can be reached from courtyard 6 of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering by going to the basement in building 6 and following the Akaflieg signs. The room number is MW U632. 

The workshop can be found as an adjoining room to the workshop of the lightweight construction chair next to the large wind tunnel - it is particularly noticeable that there is usually a glider trailer in front of it. The gate number is 2.

Karte unserer Standorte in Garching

The workshop and the design office in Garching can be reached from Munich as follows: zu erreichen:

By public transport
Take the U1, U2, U7 or U8 from Munich central station to Sendlinger Tor. From there, take the U6 in the direction of Garching-Forschungszentrum to the terminus. Take the exit at the end of the platform (in the direction of travel) to get out in front of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
By car
Follow the A9 towards Nuremberg (Nürnberg) until the Garching-Nord exit and turn right onto Ludwig-Prandtl-Straße. Follow Ludwig-Prandtl-Straße to the gravel parking lot on the left and park there. From the gravel parking lot, it is about a 5-minute walk to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. We recommend parking as far north as possible.
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Munich University of Applied Sciences (downtown)

Our workshop at Munich University of Applied Sciences enables students at HM, LMU and the TUM inner-city campus in particular to carry out smaller, smaller projects without having to travel to Garching to do so. It also takes some of the pressure off the Garching workshop during peak hours of the plane maintenance in the winter. At the moment, we are using the well-equipped facilities together with a student group active in vehicle construction.

The office at the FH can be reached from the main entrance of the W-Building (Lothstraße 21, diagonally opposite the "Red Cube") by going down the stairs and then walking along the corridor. The entrance is located approximately in the middle of the hallway and can be recognized by the Akaflieg posters. The workshop can be found next to the parking lot of the W-Building. The entrance door to the workshop is the first metal door on the left side of the parking lot. A glider trailer is often parked here in the winter as well.

Standort der Akaflieg München in der Lothstraße 21

The locations at the Munich University of Applied Sciences can be reached as follows:

By public transport
From Munich main station, take tram line 20 in the direction of Moosach or tram line 21 in the direction of Westfriedhof. Get off at the stop "Hochschule München" and follow Lothstraße northward. The walk to the W-Building takes about 7 minutes.

Alternatively, from the U-Bahn station Universität, take bus 154 in the direction of Moosach and get off at Infanteriestraße Süd. From there, it is only a few meters to get to us.

By car
From the city center of Munich:
Follow Dachauer Straße out of town, turn right at the streetcar stop "Hochschule München" onto Lothstraße. Follow Lothstraße until the W-Building of the Munich University of Applied Sciences is visible on the left.
From outside the city (e.g. A99 exit Ludwigsfeld):
Follow Dachauer Straße towards the city center to the Leonrodplatz tram stop, turn left onto Schwere-Reite-Straße, follow this road and turn right onto Infanteriestraße. Follow Infanteriestraße until the junction with Lothstraße and turn right onto Lothstraße.

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Airfield in Königsdorf

Our third location consists of the workshop and recreation rooms of our hangar at the KDF airfield. Here are again two workshop rooms, which are mainly used for maintenance activities during the flying season and for the maintenance of the Mü 30 Schlacro. There is also a well-equipped kitchen, a large recreation room and a mattress dormitory with a view of the aircraft in the hangar.

Luftfoto des Flugplatzes Königsdorf, aufgenommen am frühen Morgen. Nebelschwaden ziehen übers Moor und ein Heißluftballon startet gerade auf dem Flugplatz.
The airfield Königsdorf from above (photo by L. Geigl)
The workshop in Königsdorf

The airfield can be reached from Munich via the A95 and the B11. If you don't have access to your own car, you are welcome to get in touch with us, there are reliable carpooling opportunities, especially at weekends.

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Akaflieg hangar in KDF ↗︎