Mü 28

The Mü28 is Akaflieg Munich's most successful project so far. Many aerobatic pilots consider it to be still the best aerobatic glider in the world. With its maximal velocity of 380km/h (ca. 240mph) and allowing load factors of +/-10g it is definitely the fastest and most resistable sailplane ever built. Through constant participation in world cup tournaments and air shows, it sometimes seems that more than one Mü28 have been constructed. But Akaflieg Munich's Mü28 is still the only one and unique in the world, apart from countless scale models.

The fuselage was made in the female molds of the Mosquito (by the German glider company Glasflügel), the tail units in those of the SF34 (by the Scheibe company). Wings, ailerons and the overall design were accomplished by the Akaflieg alone.

The wing has a symmetrical profile in combination with the patented Wölbklappen-Automatik that enables the Mü28 to fly at the same performance rates upside down as in normal flight. The Mü28 displays an extraordinary harmony when flying upside down, in positive and negative loops, rolls and roll circles, or in combinations of such maneuvers.

On August 8, 1983, the Mü28 took off to its maiden flight in Oberpfaffenhofen/Bavaria. It was uncomplicated to fly and had an excellent maneuverability. For a 360° roll it takes only 4.2 seconds.

The Mü28 was tested up to a speed of 400km/h (250mph). To reach this exorbitant speed, a 3400ft nose dive was needed.

So far, the Mü28 has absolved almost 4000 landings and far more than 1000 hours of flight time. It is a regular starter on national and international aerobatic championships, piloted by various aviators.

Mü 28 – Sporting Successes

Still today successfull participations at different competitions are possible, as shown by our Sascha 2011. He won the german glider acrobatics championship.

He also won the Salzmann-Cup in the same year with the 28.



Wing span 12.0 m
Lenght 6.75 m
Wing area 13.2 m²
Profile FX 71-L-150/20
Weight 315 kg
Max.payload 110 kg
Wing load (90kg max.) 32.2 daN/m²
Max. load factor +/- 10g
Performance rates

(90kg payload)

Glide ratio 27 (at 103 km/h)
Min. speed 67 km/h
Minimal sink rate 1.0 m/s (at 89 km/h)
Max.speed V(D) 400 km/h, V(N) 380 km/h
Time for360° roll 4.2 sec.
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