Offices and workshops

Our construction office ("Kobü" from Konstruktionsbüro) is located at the faculty of mechanical engineering (TUM) at Garching. Formerly it has been in the tower at Gabelsbergerstraße in the center of Munich.

Quite close to our Kobü is the main workshop, also at the faculty of mechanical engineering in Garching, where most of the members study. There is currently build the actual project, the Mü31.

Apart from Garching there is also a workshop at the Hochschule München (formerly FH München) that is called FH-Werkstatt by the students. It is located at Lothstraße, in the center of munich and is used for smaller projects like winter service of the gliders.

The third workshop is at the airfield. There for example the fundamental service of the Mü23 (Saurier) takes place.

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